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Dedicated to the memory of Raymond Goldman


Arthur Honneger’s  Le roi David . It is divided into three main parts and tells the biblical story of King David. In the first part, the Lord directs the prophet Samuel to choose Saul as the ruler of the people of Israel. However, when Saul does not follow the Lord’s instructions, Samuel is told to place David as ruler. The first part continues to tell the story of David’s battles against the Philistines as well as Saul’s growing jealousy of David. The second part covers David’s crowning and unification of Israel. The third and final part tells of David’s lust for Bathsheba and his punishment for adultery. In this final section of the piece, David flees Jerusalem, loses his power, manages to restore his position as king then offends God by censuring the people. An epidemic disease afflicts Jerusalem, and David appoints his son Solomon to succeed him and then dies. At the end of the piece an angel tells of Isaiah’s prophecy of a flower blooming from David’s stem.

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Performance of Handel’s Samson December 2016.

Celebration of Spring 2016, works by Dawes, Thomson and Chilcott with a post concert Q&A with two of the composers and one of the libretist of Thomson's 'Bee Cantata'.

Celebration of Spring 2016, works by Dawes, Thomson and Chilcott with a post concert Q&A. Centre photo from the left: Julian Dawes,Kelvin Thomson and the librettist John Farndon. Three generations of the Coury-Reed family sang in the concert seen here in the bottom row.

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